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2nd December 2020

The club's only meeting in December was held recently with Michael Stirling-Aird presenting his images on Landscape Photography. Michael's passion, he says, is getting out there and recording the landscape of the highlands, particularly the Torridon and Assynt areas - with their large hills. He explained that he generally has one camera and two lenses. Being there at sunset and sunrise helps to show these hills and the surrounding scenery at their very best. He explained that it is not always 'get there and get the images' as he recounted times where he has climbed hills like Blabhein in Skye and not taken his camera out the bag due to the weather being closed in. Nor was it all about the big landscapes, one particular image showed a tree in autumn colours with water droplets on virtually every surface giving a blue effect. At the end of his talk Michael asked that his 'fee' was donated to the Torridon Mountain Rescue Team.

Before the meeting closed the Winter Challenge was issued. Members are challenged to take photographs interpreting the subject as they see fit. The subject is Peeblesshire and all images are to be submitted by 15th January. They will be shown at the next meeting on 20th January 2021.