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18th November 2020

The second meeting in November for Peebles Camera Club was originally intended to be an 'Outdoor Practical'. However, Covid restrictions put an end to that.  So, instead, each member was asked to take some pictures during that day and then share their three best with the others that evening. 


Pete experimented with fill-in flash and some close-up shots.  Steve took photographs in pursuit of a project along Innerleithen High Street.  Ruth ventured out in the rain to Melrose and Leaderfoot.  Kathy remained indoors with a feather from a pigeon.  Brian explored the cemetery for some black and white images.  Neil was successful with a self portrait including the effects of the rain. Colette tried to capture movement in a sheepdog working a flock of sheep.  Kevin went to Loch Eddy and photographed the waterfalls in the Quair Water.  Ian experimented with raindrops on berries.  Margaret photographed leaves including some intentional camera movement.