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Please see the 2018-2019 competitions below. Please click here for a hard copy of the rules and competitions.

  Date Entries submitted by Subject

Competition 1 (Dr Neil Scott)

7th November 2018 3rd October 2018 Open

Competition 2 (Hunter Kennedy)

20th February 2019 16th January 2019 Colours of Autumn

Competition 3 (Karen Berry)

17th April 2019 20th March 2019 Open
Competition Rules
  1. Entry to the competition is open to members of the camera club
  2. All entries must be 100% the author's own work
  3. Entries are limited to maximum of three prints and or three DPIs (Digitally Projected Images) per competition
  4. Entries are to be handed in (DPIs may be emailed) to the competition secretary by the dates specified above.
    Late entries cannot be accepted.
  5. Prints must be mounted (with or without window) and be a minimum of print size 5" x 7" and a maximum mount size of 20" x 16"
  6. Prints should be titled and have your membership number on the reverse
  7. A JPEG version of your print entry should also be emailed to the competitions secretary, identified in the file name with title, membership number and the word Print - e.g. Sunrise over Peebles_Member5_Print.jpg. This version will be used on the website and possibly in press reports relating to the club
  1. Digitally Projected Images should be made equal to, or less than, 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high for landscape / equal to, or less than, 1050 pixels high for portrait and square images should also have a limit of 1050 pixels
  2. They should be saved as a JPEG file with sRGB colour profile. The file name must bear your title and your membership number as before, e.g. Sunrise over Peebles_Member5
  3. Points will be awarded by the judges on a scale of 0 - 20
  4. Entries that have been awarded 17 points or more cannot be re-entered into any future in-club competition
  5. The results of each competition will be emailed to the members. Entries will be published on the club website
  6. At the end of the club season the highest mark awarded to each members' Print/Digital Projected Image, per competition, will be accumulated to determine the member with the highest score in the competitions; and to determine the highest overall score for the year.

For more information and to submit your entries digitally, please email pcccompetitions@gmail.com.

Useful tips from our judges: Dougie Allen (general) | Charles Summers (landscape)